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POLY TARPAULINS are made out of High Dullness Polythene (HDPE) Fabric and soft dullness (LDPE) Coating on both sides. Poly Tarpaulin is Heat closed. So without spearing. Eyeholes are arranged for at distance of every 1.5 mtrs. All round & corner. Poly Tarpaulin is created with latest. Technology & available in different colors & special sizes suit your many application/ requirements. A Tarpaulin manufactured to stringent quality standards, Tarpaulin is accepted for consistency and durability. Tarpaulin is born tough, with built-in strong point to withstand supposed use. Available in many colour and sizes. Shiltrap Tarpaulin Manufacturer is just complete for any application.

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PE TARPAULIN which is made of best quality polythylene.Our range is available in multiple size and multi designs as per needs of Factories, Storerooms, Cold storages and Tracks. We offer our plastic, jute and fabric cover sheets at a reasonably priced.

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